Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Card Counting
From: (Jean-Luc H. Park)
Date: 1990-11-03, 17:36

  This is just a scene to make Cooper look like a super human character.
 Card counting is something that many people have heard of, but have
never really studied.  Those in the know realize that any good casino
(an may of ill repute) do not use only a 52 card deck, also they do not
deal to the final card.  Thus this is just being used to parallel Copper
with Bond (ok bad comparason, but Bond did love the black 17 on
roulette, and he did always play Chemin de Fer [or Baccarat depending
upon the director]).
  Now another scene in which we see one of Cooper's super human traits
is in the shooting gallery in the first season. "Two through each eye,
and one in each nostril."  Now, very few people on this planet can make
a shot, recover from the recoil, and put a bullet in exactly the same
place as before without any sort of brace what so ever.  
  Forget the card counting business, and other such trivia, they're fun,
but do only one thing and that is raise Cooper into a higher plane than
the rest of humanity (then again we know he ain't normal, mostly because
of Tibet)
Actually, I was amused when Coop was thrown off by the log lady when he
visited her in the first season, but that's just me.
J-l P