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Subject: Re: "Down" is NOT Necessarily "South" (was: 10/27 episode)
Date: 1990-11-03, 23:57

After watching TP#2 a second time I noticed that when Cooper and Truman
were in the RR (being introducted to Shelly and ?) he asks for the Cherry
Pie and Shelly says that its the best in the "Tri-counties". So is this a
play (pun) on the Tri-cities (which three are these -- I can only remeber
that its the Hanford area on the other side of the Cascades).

Second point, on arrival to TP Cooper talks about the great cherry pie at
* Inn off Hwy 2 at Lewis Forks. So where does Hwy 2 run -- I remeber you go
north out of Seattle along I-5 and then head east into the mountains along
2. (I haven't got any good WA maps here, so I can't check the details myself).
They also mention Hwy 2 again in TP#2, but I forget what the attribution was.
Wouldn't this imply TP to be close to 2?


1. Does Lewis Forks exist? How far would that put TP of Hwy 2?
2. Is there any place in WA that could be called the Tri-counties?
3. Are there any PNW writer on this show or are they all from CA?
4. Does it really matter? (If I'm going to suspend disbelif for the rest
   of the show, I think I can do it for the geography)

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