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Subject: Re: Leland trapped in '40s, again
From: (Robert Steven Glickstein)
Date: 1990-11-03, 08:39

Excerpts from 2-Nov-90 Re: Re: Leland trapped
in '.. (187)

> >   Sorry to wreck your train theory, but I believe that

> > Pennsylvania 6-5000 referred to a phone number from the

> > days when exchanges had names (e.g. PA6-5000 is 726-5000).

True.  (Note that whenever the band calls out "Pennsylvania-6-5000!"
there is the sound of a phone ringing.)  Pennsylvania-6-5000, by the
way, translates to PE6-5000 (*ALWAYS* use the first two letters, unlike
postal abbreviations), which is 736-5000, which was the number of the
famous New York hotel across the street from Penn Station (darn, what
was its name?), hence the "Pennsylvania."  This hotel was the
inspiration for the song "Pennsylvania-6-5000."

Darn, what WAS the name of the hotel?  I used to be at Penn Station
twice a week.  This is driving me nuts.  (I know that the hotel changed
its name some years ago, due to a merger or something...)

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