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Subject: Re: Re: What did Andy hear on the phone? was, RE. 10/27 Twin Peaks details
From: collier@hpsmpk.HP.COM (Mark Collier)
Date: 1990-11-03, 11:45

William Sherman writes:

> >In article <60443@bbn.BBN.COM> giannone@BBN.COM (Tony Giannone) writes:

>> >>    4. When Ed brought Nadine home it looked like there was a small statue
>> >>       (with a patch over one eye) on the shelf in the background 8-}

> >It was there in the first season.  It's in the 'Monday' episode, the
> >one with Laura's funeral, the third episode after the pilot.  Right
> >before the funeral, there's a long shot of Nadine's bric-a-brac shelf,
> >ending with a scene featuring the Hurley family.  It's not a statue,
> >but there is a small bust of a woman with an eyepatch.

I've been aware that each episode of Twin Peaks basically covers the events
of one day. Hill Street Blues (which Mark Frost had a hand in) followed the
same principle. Have there been any exceptions in Twin Peaks so far? Could
someone post a list of episodes which shows what major events occurred on
what days? It would go something like this:

   Pilot	Friday, February ?, 198?	Laura's body found

     3		Monday, February ?, 198?	Laura's funeral

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