Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: TP: Proposed Naming Convention
From: (Robert Steven Glickstein)
Date: 1990-11-03, 07:49

For the purposes of videotape cataloging, I've adopted a naming
convention for the episodes of Twin Peaks that perhaps the rest of you
would like to adopt.  The convention is threefold.

First, an episode has a season and a sequence number.  The pilot, for
instance, is episode 1/0.

Second, an episode is comprised of one or two "hours" of the series. 
The pilot consists of hours one and two.  (Apologies to the British,
whose different broadcast conventions result in 50 minute rather than 1
hour shows.)

Third, each episode has a name that I arbitrarily assign based on some
prominent occurrence in that episode.  Here, then, is my list to date of
Twin Peaks episodes:

"Pilot"				1/0	Hours 1, 2
"Fish in the Percolator"	1/1	Hour 3
"Tibetan Rock-Throwing"		1/2	Hour 4
"Funeral"			1/3	Hour 5
"The One-Armed Man"		1/4	Hour 6
"The Cabin"			1/5	Hour 7
"Waldo's Story"			1/6	Hour 8
"Cliffhangers"			1/7	Hour 9

"Season 2 Premiere"		2/0	Hours 10, 11
"Creamed Corn"			2/1	Hour 12
"Albert Loves Harry"		2/2	Hour 13
"Andy's Fertility Rites"	2/3	Hour 14
"Audrey's Rescue"		2/4	Hour 15

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