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Subject: 11/3 episode - At least admit its Piper Laurie
From: (Brian McClendon)
Date: 1990-11-04, 00:39

Well, I'll be the 2nd to post that there is little doubt left
about MAG #3, Tajamura(sp?).  I like the theory that Piper Laurie
is playing this character, but not as Catherine.  The comment
about "adherance to fantasy" was very un-Catherine like, at a
point when a little Catherine-comment would have gone a long way.

On the other hand, putting her next to Pete seems to be
a subtle but effective clue.  If Tajamura==Catherine, what does
that mean about the $5M check?  How did she get hooked up
with MAG#1?

Anyway, the makeup job around the chin was very obvious; his
skin was very smooth, like Catherine's; he always had a 
bulky clothing on over his chest.  The truly nerdy among us
will find a way to un-ray-trace a digitized image of his face
and see what he looks like w/o glasses.
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