Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: About 11/3 episode
From: (Steve Eiswirth)
Date: 1990-11-04, 13:09

It now seems fairly certain that BOB is either Ben or Leland.
Because I went out on a limb a while ago and said that the killer
is Ben because of a scene in Season 1, show 2 or 3 when Ben is seen at
the hospital bent over Laura's body examining her fingernails (I'm pretty
sure of this) while Albert and Doc Hayward argue, I am sort of hoping
that Ben is BOB just so I can feel good about the prediction.

However, I wouldn't be surprised if the OAM points to Leland as BOB.

Additionally, isn't it the norm for the actual killer to be someone who
is a regular on the show?  Based on that assumption, I am inclined to
rule out Harold, Jonathon, et. al. because they were not in the first
season of shows.

I thought Lynch as Gordon Cole was hilarious.  Taken in context, 
his line "Here comes the one-armer now!" was an all-time TP quote.

The interrogation of the OAM at the end of the show was possibly the 
best 5 or 10 minutes of TP to date, IMHO.

Random opinions: take out every scene where James, Maddy and Donna are
brooding about life, love and everything else and TP is an even better
show.  The three of them cannot act to save their lives.

Add 1 to the list of those who think Catherine is the MAG.

I think a Harry-Jonathon confrontation is inevitable.  I'm hoping that Josie
did not get on the plane to Hong Kong, or that she'll come back, 
followed by Jonathon.