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Subject: Harold did it! (what were those diary pages doing there?)
From: bskendig@der.Princeton.EDU (Brian Kendig)
Date: 1990-11-04, 09:14

We know:

 - Laura gave her diary to Harold Smith several days before she was killed.

 - Harold kept the diary in a *very* safe place, and was always in the
   house with it, so it's doubtful that another person could have gotten
   to the diary without Harold knowing about it.


 - Were the pages torn out of the diary *before* Harold got it,
   or was the diary intact when Laura gave it to him (except for the few
   pages near the beginning from several years back)?

I tend to remember from reading the diary (yes, you too can buy
Laura's private life in a bookstore near you!) that Laura didn't
mention certain pages being torn out near the end; could someone check
for me!  (I don't own a copy.)

If it's true that Harold got the diary intact, then I think it's safe
to assume that no other person had gotten to it -- how, then, to
explain the missing pages of the diary found at the train car?

Here's a theory: BOB wanted to destroy Laura (for being too
psychically powerful?), so he possessed Harold (who was very close to
her) and brought him to the train car to molest and bludgeon her.
That could be why Harold is even more deathly afraid of venturing
outside now.

And wouldn't it be just like Lynch to hint at the solution to the
mystery in last night's episode, then have the police decide not to
follow up on it?

Hmm.  I used to believe in the Harry / Andy theories until I realized
that they just don't hold water -- we have so many other shady
characters around; I think Harry's just there for Plot Advancement and
Andy for Comic Relief.  I used to suspect Josie, too, but she's tied
up in other matters, and I can't see any reasonable directory mucking
together two plotlines now.

So Harold Smith is my man.  I suspect that when Cooper hears Harold's
name, he'll say, "That's the name Laura whispered to me in my dream!"

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