Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: PAGAN Kennedy Worship
From: (Mr. Greisman; Honors Col(ugrad))
Date: 1990-11-04, 18:01

We all know that when John F. Kennedy tried to tell Divided Berlin
	"I am a Berliner,"
He actually said,
	"I am a Jelly Doughnut!"
Does this strike a chord?  _It SHOULD!_  Every morning the police department, 
particularly Cooper, eats dozens of _jelly doughnuts!_  Well, some of us know
that Kennedy actually intended to say jelly doughnut; his flesh was, in fact,
grape jelly and pastry.  Perhaps...Twin Peaks Police and Agent Cooper part-
take of symbolic internalization of Kennedy's flesh?  Have we stumbled upon
a secret JFK worshipping cult?

					--Eru Iluvatar, KSC, Esq, HindIII
					 Moloko Cabal

--p.s. was the word donut originally doughnut originally 
 	dough_nought_ for the zero shape?