Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Random thoughts on the series (3 November)
From: (Larry Gilbert)
Date: 1990-11-04, 12:10

* The discontinuity of certain plot lines from episode to episode is starting
  to annoy me.  By "discontinuity," I mean the way some plot lines manage to
  skip whole episodes before being taken up again.  For instance, in the 3
  November episode, I cannot recall one word being mentioned about either
  Lucy or Andy.  (Okay, so it may have little if any bearing on the Laura
  Palmer case, but I like it. :))

* Whether or not the mysterious Japanese gentleman is Catherine in disguise,
  can we not all agree in the very least that he is played by Piper Laurie?
  Stranger things have happened (cf. Debra Winger in "Made in Heaven").

* David Lynch's character was cute, but really, the hard-of-hearing bit is a
  tired cliche in the world of humor.

  I have a sneaky suspicion that Mr. "Cole" *had* to appear, for one of two
  reasons (both theoretical!):

  (1) Miguel Ferrer ("Albert Rosenfield") walked before they could finish
      filming the series, but he was still needed for one of the last episodes.
      A little rewriting, and voila, Gordon Cole comes calling with data from
      Mr. Rosenfield.

  (2) Rosenfield was inadvertently written out of the series.  After the
      touching bit with Sheriff Truman: "Okay, Miguel, nice job, here's your
      check."  Then, after writing another episode or two, "Whoops, we still
      need Albert for this bit!"  But Mr. Ferrer was already off doing a major
      motion picture deal with Paramount :), so another character was needed to
      take his place.
  Since Lynch & Frost seem to be very careful and attentive writers, I consider
  (2) to be highly unlikely.  But (1)...  Any thoughts?

* Will the series continue?  My personal opinion is "no."  Michael Ontkean,
  appearing on the Arsenio Hall show a month or two ago, said that all the
  episodes had been shot, and they had even been available on video in Europe
  for some time.

  Who knows; maybe Lynch & Frost will break down and write some new stories.
  But to me, the series works best as a "one-off" (the makers of "The Prisoner"
  never followed him around after his escape, did they?).

Larry Gilbert and/or the Revn Irving#Axolotl