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Subject: Re: 11/3 episode
From: (Delia Cioffi)
Date: 1990-11-04, 10:35

In article <9011041732.AA03524@pogo> dan@AI.MIT.EDU writes:
> >In article <> 
> >(Brian McClendon) writes:
> >
>> >>   On the other hand, putting her next to Pete seems to be
>> >>   a subtle but effective clue.  If Tajamura==Catherine, what does
>> >>   that mean about the $5M check?  How did she get hooked up
>> >>   with MAG#1?
> >Ben Horne, and indirectly, Josie (Josie has T's 5 Mil checque).  Given
> >the connection (whatever it is) it is a strange and twisted irony that
> >Josie gets paid off for the mill by money from T, who is connected in
> >some way to Catherine.  When Catherine finds out just who cashed the
> >checque, BOY is she gonna be mad!

As "Tajamura" (who sure looks like Catherine to me) was doing that scene
with Pete, I kept thinking that in the days after the fire, Josie and
Catherine hooked up, put two and two together, 
and hatched some sort of plot against Ben. Events
with the $5M check so far could plausably support this. Wouldn't that be

Re: BOB. the OAM said he feeds on FEAR and/or on THE PLEASURES.
Leland is a good candidate on the former; Ben, the latter.

I thought this episode was a riot.
Very funny---and pretty good on the plot advancement front as well.

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