Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Cooper and Horne, Catherine
From: starpath@bookworm.MIT.EDU (David E Hollingsworth)
Date: 1990-11-04, 01:08

In article <>, (Michael L. Kaufman) writes:
|> Is it my imagination, or did Coopers conversation with Horne include the
|> following?  Cooper called Renualt John and then Horne called him Jean.  I
|> though that Cooper gave him a look like "aha, got you."  Am I right, or did
|> I just spend too much time sniffing glue as a youth?
|> Also, after the 11/3/90 episode, if there anyone out there who still doesn't
|> think that the Japanese guy (name forgotten) is really Catherine?  Remember,
|> I said it first.

While I certainly wouldn't want to deny that possibility, (in fact, I bet it's
true), I still have some hope that Lynch thought that the audience was sufficently
primed for a 'little' joke.  The joke in this case being that it is OBVIOUS that he
was Catherine in disguise, while the outcome could be that it is simply not true.

But that scene with Pete was great, I most readily admit.

|> Michael

David Hollingsworth