Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Harold did it! (what were those diary pages doing there?)
From: (David Hafken)
Date: 1990-11-04, 22:12

In article <3822@idunno.Princeton.EDU> bskendig@der.Princeton.EDU (Brian Kendig) writes:

> >Now:
> >
> > - Were the pages torn out of the diary *before* Harold got it,
> >   or was the diary intact when Laura gave it to him (except for the few
> >   pages near the beginning from several years back)?

> >If it's true that Harold got the diary intact, then I think it's safe
> >to assume that no other person had gotten to it -- how, then, to
> >explain the missing pages of the diary found at the train car?

Here's what I think: the pages were ripped out by BOB when he took control of
Laura (as Laura, of course).  If I remember correctly, the pages were ripped
out BEFORE Harold got the diary because Laura mentions near the end that 
"she knows someone has been at her diary because some pages are ripped out"
I don't know, however, how the pages ended up where they did.  Anyone else have
a theory?

> >So Harold Smith is my man.  I suspect that when Cooper hears Harold's

I don't believe so, because of the above, and also because he is a second
season character -- weren't we told that, after the first season, we have seen
the killer?


P.S. When will Coop get his ring back?!