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Subject: Re: Harold Smith is Laura's Killer
From: bskendig@dry.Princeton.EDU (Brian Kendig)
Date: 1990-11-04, 23:30

In article <> (Christopher A Parrinello) writes:
> >In article <10210@ur-cc.UUCP> (Richard Pace) writes:
>> >>Am I the only one who thinks that Harold will be revealed as Laura's
>> >>killer:
>> >>I really think he did it.

So do I!  There's just too much pointing to him, too quickly, to ignore.

> >I agree too... Laura was wrapped in plastic and bound from what I remember of
> >the series opener. I was walking around the other day through campus and there
> >was a woman who was carrying a rose wrapped in plastic... the two connected
> >together when I thought about Harold and his facination with flowers...

> >has anybody else thought that?

Actually, I had noticed something different long ago.  The heavy
plastic wrap that Laura was found in certainly seemed to resemble the
heavy plastic wrap lying about the home of Leo and Shelley Johnson.  I
thought that incriminated Leo for a long while...

I still think it's the same plastic.  If so, how'd it get there?

BOB might actually be Shelley the waitress after all!

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