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Subject: Re: T-shirts
From: (Drifter...)
Date: 1990-11-04, 15:37

In article <>, (Chuck Musciano) writes:
> >     I just received the latest catalog from the Tremmel T-Shirt Factory
> >in Dallas, and they offer a shirt with "DAMN GOOD COFFEE" in what look to 
> >be 4" letters.
> >     Tremmel has all sorts of nifty T-shirts, including my favorite: a
> >picture of RoboClown, a clown in a RoboCop suit, holding a pie, and saying
> >"Stop, or I'll throw this pie".  The caption says, "In the future, clowns
> >won't be so damn funny".

  A picture of a robot with a funny, pointed hat, a crook/staff in one hand
and a large smoking gun in the other.
  The caption: "RoboPope : The Future Of Catholic Law Enforcement"

  Yes, it's original. I haven't gotten a shirt like it yet but I'm working
on it...
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