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Subject: Re: TP: Proposed Naming Convention
From: (Cisco's Buddy)
Date: 1990-11-04, 16:16

In article <>, (Robert Steven Glickstein) writes...

} For the purposes of videotape cataloging, I've adopted a naming convention
} for the episodes of Twin Peaks that perhaps the rest of you would like
} to adopt.

Nah, I have my own. :-)

} First, an episode has a season and a sequence number.  The pilot, for
} instance, is episode 1/0.

Actually, if we're going to adopt a sequence-number convention, it might as
well be the one that Lynch-Frost Productions uses: #s0nn, where "s" is the
season, and "nn" is the episode within that season. Thus, the first season
consists of the pilot (which doesn't fit into their system, but we can
dub #1000) and #1001-1007. The second season premiere is #2001, and the
others follow from there.

} Second, an episode is comprised of one or two "hours" of the series. 
} The pilot consists of hours one and two.  (Apologies to the British,
} whose different broadcast conventions result in 50 minute rather than 1
} hour shows.)

I'm not sure what purpose this serves.

} Third, each episode has a name that I arbitrarily assign based on some
} prominent occurrence in that episode.  Here, then, is my list to date of
} Twin Peaks episodes:

I'll just quote your titles and compare against mine.

} "Pilot"			
} "Fish in the Percolator"	A Bloody Shirt & Percolated Fish
} "Tibetan Rock-Throwing"	Dreams of Dancing Dwarves and Doppelgangers
} "Funeral"			Funeral Fun & Bookhouse Boys
} "The One-Armed Man"		The One-Armed Man, a Llama, & Mynah Offenses
} "The Cabin"			Sons of Odin & a Loquacious Log
} "Waldo's Story"		Oral Surgeons, Cherry Delight, & Waldo Gets
} "Cliffhangers"		Answers & Questions

} "Season 2 Premiere"		Dreams of Giants, Nightmares of BOB
} "Creamed Corn"		Munchkin Magician & Message from Space
} "Albert Loves Harry"		Hook'er on Heroin & Hawaiian Hypnotism
} "Andy's Fertility Rites"	Judges & Critics
} "Audrey's Rescue"		A Daring Rescue & a Dangerous Rake

Haven't figured out a title for the #2006 yet.

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