Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Spirit Mike vs. Philip Michael Gerard
From: (Kathleen Hunt)
Date: 1990-11-04, 19:06

First, for those who accidentally got my test spoiler, sorry!  It was not
my fault!  I was sending it to a test group but my mailer screwed up.

Second -- I am really so pleased to find that "Dream Mike", or should I
say, "Spirit Mike" really is a different entity than the "real" P.M. Gerard.
It has always bugged me that the OAM acted so normal, after our expectations
of him were built up by that amazing dream.  I now realize, also, that
we SAW Spirit Mike just a few episodes ago -- you can tell because he
speaks in a lower voice than the PMG.  It was when PMG was in the
bathroom, flipped out, flushed the toilet, dropped his drug (!), and then
strode out of the stall, saying in that husky voice "I know you're near,
Bob," or whatever.  That was Spirit Mike talking.   Also, about the OAM 
not recognizing the BOB picture the first time round, I think it may have
been a continuity error, but I'll try to justify it anyway:  P.M. Gerard
doesn't know BOB and wouldn't recognize the picture.  It's Spirit Mike
who knows BOB.  The first time, for whatever reason, Spirit Mike was
buried too deeply within PMG for PMG to have any reaction to the picture;
maybe PMG had just taken his medicine.  The second time, Spirit Mike
was just under the surface; Spirit Mike saw the picture through PMG's 
eyes, and immediately tried to take control of PMG.  From PMG's point
of view, what happened was he looked at the picture, which he
didn't recognize, and then out of the blue he felt a Spirit Mike attack
coming on.

I am unclear on exactly what happened 40 years ago.  My friends got the
impression that BOB was not merely a familiar but a PART of Spirit Mike, 
housed in the left arm (Spirit Mike's left arm or PMG's left arm?  Is that
always the same thing?  Has Spirit Mike always inhabited PMG, or at least
for the past 40 years?)  Was Spirit Mike once a human?  Was BOB once a

Maddie is gifted
Sarah is gifted
Laura was gifted and damned
Leland is damned
Cooper is gifted
Ronette is damned 

Remember when Cooper was describing his dream, he said "BOB vowed to
kill again.  Mike couldn't stand the killing, so he shot BOB" or something
along those lines.  You think the OAM is going to go to the Great Northern
and shoot Leland?  (Or Ben, or whoever your fave is?)

I agree with the person who said the "vik-yoo-na" hair might be from 
the vet, Bob Lydecker.  Does anyone remember when exactly Bob entered 
the hospital?  When Cooper et al. first confronted PMG, PMG said
Bob (Lydecker) was assaulted outside a bar, or something like that, "a
few days ago" and has been in the hospital since.  My question is, what 
day was "a few days ago"?  Could it have been after Laura died?  That is,
could Bob Lydecker have been involved in Laura's death?

I nearly had a heart attack when Leo was sitting there mumbling as Shelly
& Bob sprawled on the table right in front of him!  Aaaagh!  

Wow, what happened in Pittsburgh?

Two of the giant's predictions have come true!!  Next week I bet Cooper
figures out exactly what "the owls are not what they seem" means, and
the White Horse will return Cooper's ring.