Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Twin Peaks puzzle pieces
From: (Roger Noe)
Date: 1990-11-04, 17:13

The article which follows contains speculations and predictions on the
solution to the question of who killed Laura Palmer and a couple other
Twin Peaks plot threads.  There's nothing I really consider a "spoiler"
since it's all based on what everyone's been able to see on TV up to
November 3.  Better to be safe than flamed, so here's a form feed.

In next week's episode, Cooper is going to learn that his deduction that
BOB must be in the Great Northern is incorrect.  BOB is going to turn out
to be the alter ego of veterinarian Bob Lydecker, much as MIKE is the
alter ego of Philip Michael Gerard (the one-armed man).  Bob Lydecker is
not going to look anything like the sketch, since the sketch is not of
a physical human being, but of the psychic being BOB.  Lydecker is of course
in a large house surrounded by trees, with many rooms, all alike, but
occupied by different souls from one night to the next - Calhoun Memorial
Hospital.  The pages of Laura's secret diary found not far from the site
of her murder were torn out and kept by Laura before she gave her secret
diary to Harold.

Cooper's former partner, Windom/Windham/Wyndumb Earl, shot Cooper in a sort
of bizarre game of "tag".  We're going to learn that Earl used to play games
of deduction with Cooper, and now that Earl's gone a little wacko, he's
taken things to an extreme.  But of course, he knew Cooper had his body
armor on and believed Cooper wouldn't suffer major injury.  What he didn't
know is that Cooper had been trying to get at a wood tick.  Earl took Cooper's
ring, which will probably be a "team ring" given upon graduating from the
FBI Academy or something.  I'm tempted to say that "the owls are not what
they seem" is from what Earl said to Cooper upon taking his ring; maybe what
Earl really said is "things always are not what they seem" and Cooper, in
his state of shock, didn't get it quite right.  But this would seem to
be at odds with the message that Major Briggs intercepted.  However, I
think the Giant is just part of Cooper's remarkably intuitive subconscious
and that they aren't going the route of aliens from space.  Monsters from
the id, maybe, but not ET.  The note "P to K-4" is Earl's way of saying,
"Your move, Cooper".  I doubt the specific chess move is of any relevance
since it is the first move of a great number of chess openings.

On the November 10 episode, Gordon Cole (played exceptionally well by David
Lynch!) is going to enlist the cooperation of the Royal Canadian Mounted
Police to raid One-Eyed Jack's.  Jean Renault will be apprehended and
charged with having the most ridiculous Quebecois accent next to Bernard.
(It's a given that Jean will be caught or killed, since the Mounties
always get their man.  But what of the far more dangerous brothers, Claude
and Pierre Renault? (-:  I'll be disappointed if none of the Mounties is
named Dudley.  What was the leading Mountie's name in "Indian Love Call"
or whatever that old movie was titled?  A reference to that would be more
likely.)  As a result of Audrey's revelations and the raid, Cooper and
Truman will know more about Ben Horne's involvement, but be unable to
do anything to him for lack of evidence.  Hank will be found.  If he's
found alive, he's going back to prison for breaking parole by leaving
the United States without the knowledge of his parole officer.  Cooper will
deduce Hank's and Ben's involvement in the local drug ring, although there
still won't be enough evidence to get Ben.

With Hank either dead or back in prison, Ed and Norma will be somewhat more
free to continue their relationship, with Nadine being something akin to
an adopted daughter.  This will be the dual (or "twin") of the Bobby-
Shelly-Leo triad.

Finally, it seems apparent to me that Piper Laurie is playing Toshimura.
Fumio Yamaguchi (or whatever) is probably as real as Allan Smithee.  The
main question I have left is whether or not Catherine and Josie are
cooperating in this little revenge plot against Ben.  Keep in mind that
Ben could be held responsible for coming up with 5 megabucks if there
are not in fact sufficient funds to cover it and Josie gets away with
the cash.  Ben's the original payee and he endorsed it, and no bank is
going to permit themselves to get stuck in such a large check fraud

Now what does Laura's horse have to do with all this?
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