Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: 11/3 Episode: Is Cooper Possessed?
From: (Pete Harlan)
Date: 1990-11-05, 13:28

Er, spoilers ahead for the most recent (11/3) episode...

It sounds to my ears that Cooper's voice, when he recites the line of
the poem during the interrogation of Mike via the OAM, has the "I am
possessed" effect applied to it.

Others have indicated they thought it was just the voice of Mike
chiming in at the same time as Coop's, but Mike's voice doesn't sound
at all like the added deepness of Cooper's, either before or after.
Perhaps Coop has an otherworld partner that will aid in the capture of
BOB?  Perhaps BOB is the spirit that inhabited Coop's insane partner?
P-K4: their game has begun?

Not that I think it's worth too much analysis -- unlike analysing the
great works of literature, the answers will be given to us next week :-)

Pete Harlan

* Other Great Moment: Leland showing his lawyer/crafty side for the
  first time in the series...