Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Hants 3 - Afreets 0
From: (Jeffrey Davis)
Date: 1990-11-05, 08:36

Last week's episode was both one of the most entertaining and dismaying
shows yet. In terms of pace, mix of humor and oddness, and focus...everything
was A-OK! But it now seems that the bug bear theorists have the field,
and, pardon my gustibus, that stinks. All the grab bag of Grand Guignol
goodies -- hants, afreets, vampires, etc. -- are D-U-L-L. Mixing in
anything of the paranormal is Stuporville in terms of drama. A previous
poster mentioned Homer as using the spiritual: Well, yes, but the charm
of The Gods in Homeric terms was that the Gods were CHILDREN. Human
children who somehow got the car keys and the liquor and  NO ONES HOME!
All the normal modes of human behavior were still observed, the reader
was just asked to extrapolate their own behavior onto someone who could
act without concern for anyone else. 

Of course, it could turn out that Philip G. and Bob's host and the 
whole kit-n-kaboodle are simply schizophrenics out on a toot. It would
be sad a bit, like an ABC Disease-of-the-Month movie. But didn't
you want more? I don't know what, but more than that.

There is, however, a real life chtonic presence in the Washington woods,
that has been there for 40 years or so. A real boffo power of unpredictable
consequences...and that's the Hanford nuclear facility. BOB might be 
a screen for that little horror show... and THAT would be scary. I
don't mean allegory or symbol...I don't think Lynch works from symbols...
but the fear of what we've unleashed by splitting the atom...that could
explain all the fifties anachronisms, the THEM like spirit of the Major
Briggs tangent. It wouldn't explain away the dreams and dwarves and
giants, but it would give a source and a focus to the anxiety.
-- Jeff Davis Nobody knows, from sea to shining sea, why we are having all this trouble with our republic.