Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: About 11/3 episode
From: (Brian McClendon)
Date: 1990-11-05, 10:22

In article <> (Paul J Coates) writes:
> >Watched 11/3 episode of Twin Peaks on video delay (who stays in on a Saturday).
> >
> >During the opening credits as Truman carried Audrey to the bed, he is followed
> >into the room by Hawk, and Truman enters stage left.  Did anyone notice that 
> >Truman was followed by a long grey haired individual?  This person moved to the
> >back of the scene and was visible a couple of times as Cooper tended Audrey.
> >Looked a lot like Bob to me.  He can not be confused with Hawk (both have long
> > hair) as they are both visible in the same shot.

I haven't gone back and watched the scene, but since you don't mention
Joey, I think that is who you saw.  It makes sense for Joey to be at
the Bookhouse since he was present at our first visit to the Bookhouse.

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