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Subject: Re: Hants 3 - Afreets 0
From: (Mike D Marchionna)
Date: 1990-11-05, 18:21
Newsgroups: (Jeffrey Davis) writes:

> >Last week's episode was both one of the most entertaining and dismaying
> >shows yet. In terms of pace, mix of humor and oddness, and focus...everything
> >was A-OK! But it now seems that the bug bear theorists have the field,
> >and, pardon my gustibus, that stinks. All the grab bag of Grand Guignol
> >goodies -- hants, afreets, vampires, etc. -- are D-U-L-L. Mixing in
> >anything of the paranormal is Stuporville in terms of drama.
   [extra musings deleted]

	I have to say I am little dismayed by repeated postings that state, "if
the killer turns out to be... ...I'll vomit up my spleen."  I hate to inject
reality into this otherwise breazy stroll down looney lane, but the answer to
WKLP can only be anti-climactic.  After so much build up, so much analysis, so
much waiting, and so many false clues how can any answer truly satisfy the
anticipation that has built up.  If WKLP is firmly resolved on the 11/10
episode we will all be in for a huge let down.  Even those who guessed right
will only celebrate and gloat briefly, and then be left empty inside.  There is
no way possible for the writers to pen any script that will be so mind
bogglingly fantastic that eveyone will rejoice at being enlightened by the

	It is an old but true saying that, "Having something can never instill
passion so much as wanting something."  What I want is to go on wanting to know
WKLP.  It will be a sad night indeed if WKLP is neatly tied up and put to rest
on November 10.  If the WKLP mystery could continualy be held out like a carrot
on a stick, a tantalizing temptation, so close but yet so far away, for the
entire season I think I would go insane.  But it would be a good kind of
insanity.  An insanity I could curl up with and keep for my very own, and revel
in it as a companion to my weirdness.  May WKLP remain an eternal mystery.  I
gotta' have some fun you know.

		I'm a greedy slob.  I can't help it.  It's my hobby!
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