Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Harold Smith could not have killed Laura.
From: horny@ucscl.UCSC.EDU (Michael Kaye)
Date: 1990-11-05, 17:30

In article <> (Rafael Juarez, SCA) writes:
> >
> >	How in the world could Harold Smith have killed Laura Palmer if Harold
> >can't leave his apartment?  More accurately, how would he have gotten the body
> >to the water?

Possessed people do things they wouldn't ordinarily do.
If BOB possesses Harold, there then would be no reason why he couldn't

He would get the body to the water by carrying it there.

Other possibilities include
1) Harold lied, he can leave any time he wants.
2) He fears to leave usually, but something about that night
made his desire to follow Laura greater than his desire to stay indoors.
Maybe he's really worried or curious about Laura that night.

3) Laura talks him into following her that night, to get him out of
the house, and so that Ronette can meet her special friend.

I don't understand people's reasoning on why Ben couldn't be a suspect.
I've heard things like that Ben wouldn't let himself be possessed,
or that his actions are based on greed, and are inconsistant with what
BOB would do.  If someone is possessed, they could act like they
normally do 99% of the time, and then once in a rare while do
BOB's bidding, unaware of their actions while possessed.
In other words a characters behaivior during the show isn't a good 
reason to think they aren't possessed.  Doc Hayward could be possessed.  
I think it's pretty arbitrary to think to a given character could resist 

I still think Leland did it though. :)

Michael Kaye