Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Railroads in T P (was: Leland trapped in the '40s, again)
From: (Paul Raveling)
Date: 1990-11-05, 17:15

In article <>, (Joseph Brennan) writes:
> > As to railroad clues: The Great Northern Hotel appears to be named
> > the Great Northern Railway, main line Minneapolis to Seattle, the
> > northerly of the USA transcontinentals.  Mythical Twin Peaks, near
> > Canadian border, could plausibly have been a stopover point on the

	The Great Northern mainline runs about due east from Spokane,
	as does the Northern Pacific.  However the GN has (or at least
	had) a couple spurs in that area, and one ended pretty close
	to the given site of Twin Peaks.

	BTW, the Great Northern mainline takes a northern route across
	Washington, going north from Seattle and turning east at Everett
	to cross the Cascades.  The Northern Pacific mainline runs east
	from Seattle, then takes a loop around the south side of the
	state, turning north at the Tri-Cities for the run to Spokane.
	I don't recall for sure, but the part just east of Spokane may
	be one of those stretches where these Twin Pikes run side-by-side.

> > The railroad car may even be a GN coach (or baggage car, from the
> > interior).  I didn't catch a name on it.  The derelict car is
> > apparently part of a tourist steam line between Snoqualmie and North
> > Bend, where the other locations are shot, and they may have some old
> > GN equipment even though the actual line was I think Milwaukee Road.

	Last spring Scott Frost confirmed my suspicion about the identity
	of this old rolling stock.  The trouble is I no longer remember
	whether my suspicion was that it belonged to the Great Northern
	or the Northern Pacific.

	As another minor footnote, my wife and I are about to become
	docents at the California State Railroad Museum.  One of the
	cars in the museum that our training has emphasized is RPO
	(Railway Post Office) car #42, which ran on the Empire Builder.
	In passenger service the Empire Builder was Great Northern's greatest.

Paul Raveling