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Subject: Re: TP: 10/3 episode review
From: (Bernie Roehl)
Date: 1990-11-05, 08:26

In article <> (Michael Kaye) writes:
> >"Unclean" and "contaminated" sound like something BOB would say
> >in the diary.

Did you notice that the OAM's speech changed slightly from when we first
heard it in Cooper's dream?  "I saw the face of God... and I was changed"
is now "I saw the face of God... and was purified".

> >4) That Harold's had a bad experience with BOB (#4 sounds good to me).

To me, too.

> >I think Leo isn't going to be a silent forever...

He'd also make an excellent home for an inhabiting spirit... especially BOB!
(this idea is not mine, but is courtesy of Ann Hodgkins).

> >They each have enough info to lock each other away forever.  I don't
> >think Josie got Pete's signature on that contract... and Tojimura 
> >wants his check back.  This is going to be very strange.
> >I won't jump to conclusions, but I think Fumio=Catherine is possible...

If Catherine *is* Tojimura, then the fellow who came by last season to get
her to sign the insurance policy on her life (that no one had told her about)
is probably helping her set up the scam.

> >Maddy says she is leaving, but rumor has it Leland will talk her into staying
Good news!  Reliable source?

> >Mike Gerard confirmed what I had been saying all along, that BOB is a 
> >possessing spirit, who few can see.  Mike says he is a host 
> >to a spirit out to stop BOB.  He describes BOB as a parasite who 
> >attaches itself to a lifeform and feeds off fear and pleasure.

Right... but we knew all this over a month ago (though it is nice to have it
confirmed).  The question is, who is BOB possessing now?

> >I think that horse is Laura's dead horse Troy, the one that Ben gave her.
> >Troy was kept at the broken circle stables.  "Broken circle" is also the
> >name associated with Mike Gerard's shoes

And, according to net discussions, the broken circle is a sign of evil.
Sort of points to Ben, though I still don't see him as being possessed by
anybody.  (He'd boot them out!)
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