Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: TP: Dates (was Re: What did Andy hear on the phone? was, RE. 10/27 Twin Peaks details)
From: (Joe Buck)
Date: 1990-11-05, 19:40

In article <684@kaos.MATH.UCLA.EDU>, (William Sherman) writes:
|> Audrey should be in school, and so on.  There are mishaps, however,
|> like "Invitation to Love" on weekends.

That is not a "mishap".  Clearly "Invitation to Love" was a surreal
touch -- a soap opera that was on 24 hours a day and whose action
always mirrored the action in Twin Peaks.

As my wife put it -- "I don't expect Twin Peaks to be consistent with
our reality; I only want it to be consistent in itself."  And yes,
there have been some minor errors, but damn few of them considering
how many characters, plot lines, and clues there are to keep track
of.  Who cares that soap operas aren't shown on weekends in real
life?  (Well, except for Saturdays at 10PM of course).

Joe Buck	 {uunet,ucbvax}!!jbuck