Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: TP: There, *now* are you convinced?
From: (Sam Needham)
Date: 1990-11-05, 17:02
Reply-to: (Sam Needham)

In article (Robert J. Knapp) writes:
> >Every one is asking "How is BOB inhabiting/possesing...?"
> >Well, MIKE said "BOB *needs* a human host." (emphasis added) could it be
> >that BOB is currently a disemboided sprit after one of his previous
> >hosts (Leo maybe??) has been renedered incapable?

I hate to be picky but
"BOB *requires* a human host".
"requires" doesn't take a stand one way or the other on the issue of 
whether he/it has one.

Are there any other people out there hoping the whole BOB thread is
a clever smokescreen by a mundane murderer? After all, Cooper is clearly
susceptible to suggestions of this kind, and the one-armed man could
be either simply a crazy or the murderer ( "I'll cast suspicion on
an unearthly spirit, that's the ticket" ) or duped by the murderer.
I started to lose interest when I first heard the "human host" line
as a preview.

Another BTW: all the previews so far have been deceptive in that a 
picture is shown and sound from another point in the show heard.
Maybe we shouldn't take them so seriously?


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