Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Twin Peaks puzzle pieces
From: (Bernie Roehl)
Date: 1990-11-05, 14:15

In article <> (Roger Noe) writes:
> >In next week's episode, Cooper is going to learn that his deduction that
> >BOB must be in the Great Northern is incorrect.  BOB is going to turn out
> >to be the alter ego of veterinarian Bob Lydecker, much as MIKE is the
> >alter ego of Philip Michael Gerard (the one-armed man).  Bob Lydecker is
> >not going to look anything like the sketch, since the sketch is not of
> >a physical human being, but of the psychic being BOB.  Lydecker is of course
> >in a large house surrounded by trees, with many rooms, all alike, but
> >occupied by different souls from one night to the next - Calhoun Memorial
> >Hospital.  The pages of Laura's secret diary found not far from the site
> >of her murder were torn out and kept by Laura before she gave her secret
> >diary to Harold.

This sounds very good to me.  The only objection I have is that Cooper's
strong hunch (that it's the Great Northern) would be incorrect, a first
for Cooper (as far as we know).

> >Cooper's former partner, Windom/Windham/Wyndumb Earl, shot Cooper in a sort
> >of bizarre game of "tag".  We're going to learn that Earl used to play games
> >of deduction with Cooper, and now that Earl's gone a little wacko, he's
> >taken things to an extreme.  But of course, he knew Cooper had his body
> >armor on and believed Cooper wouldn't suffer major injury.  What he didn't
> >know is that Cooper had been trying to get at a wood tick.

Again, agreed.

> >Earl took Cooper's
> >ring, which will probably be a "team ring" given upon graduating from the
> >FBI Academy or something.

I disagree here... too much information from the Giant is correct.  And what
of the Major's printout.

Good deducing, though...

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