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Subject: Re: UK gets Twin Peaks. Archives of
From: (Brendan P. McFeely)
Date: 1990-11-05, 09:41

On 02-Nov-90 in Re: UK gets Twin Peaks. Arc..
user Michelle L Zafron@ubvmsb writes:
> >"The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer" was written by Jennifer Lynch (Lynch's 22
> >year old daughter).  I have no idea who published it.  Any T-shirts you see
> >are probably illegal.  I don't think Lynch and Frost are marketing TP clothing
> >yet.  There are two cd's out with music from the show.  Julee Cruise's
> >Into the Night" and the TP soundtrack.  
> > 
> >--Michelle

Actually, the marketing of legal clothing was planned as far back as
June.  I worked for Creation Conventions over the summer, and they tried
to secure the t-shirt, coffee mug, whatever rights.  Unfortunately, the
rights had been sold weeks earlier.

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