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Subject: TP: Dates (was Re: What did Andy hear on the phone? was, RE. 10/27 Twin Peaks details)
From: (Robert Steven Glickstein)
Date: 1990-11-05, 07:09

Excerpts from 3-Nov-90 Re: Re: What did Andy
hear .. Mark Collier@hpsmpk.HP.C (1137)

> > Could
> > someone post a list of episodes which shows what major events occurred on
> > what days? It would go something like this:


1/0 Pilot			Saturday, 24-Feb-89
1/1 Fish in the Percolator	Sunday
1/2 Tibetan Rock-Throwing	Monday
1/3 Funeral			Tuesday
1/4 The One-Armed Man		Wednesday, 28-Feb-89
1/5 The Cabin			Thursday, 1-Mar-89
1/6 Waldo's Story		Friday
1/7 Cliffhangers		Friday night

2/0 Season 2 Premiere		Saturday, 3-Mar-89
2/1 Creamed Corn		Sunday
2/2 Albert Loves Harry		Monday
2/3 Andy's Fertility Rites	Tuesday
2/4 Audrey's Rescue		Wednesday
2/5 Gordon Pops In		Thursday

Note that all of Twin Peaks' teenagers seem to attend high school on
Saturdays (the day Laura's body was discovered)!  We know it was 24-Feb
because of Laura's "non-secret" diary, and we know it was '89 because
Leo was in Hungry Horse a year ago, in '88.

Continuity glitches bug the bejeezus out of me.

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