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Subject: Location of OEJ's
From: jmorton@euler.Berkeley.EDU (John Morton)
Date: 1990-11-06, 13:02
Reply-to: (John Morton)

For those who care about this stuff, there were some definite
geographical hints in the 10/27 episode (I believe):

The raid on One Eyed Jack's was discussed with reference to
a location "5 mi. east of Grand Forks, on the road to Castlegar".
I used to live in Castlegar, and was familiar with the border
crossings at Cascade (~15 E. of Grand Forks, B.C.) and Danville
(~5 mi. W.).  Cascade is on the continuation of U.S. 395, Danville
is on Washington State 21.  I suppose either crossing could have 
been used.

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