Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Look before you post
From: (Janet M. Swisher)
Date: 1990-11-06, 17:37

In article <> (Jinfu Chen) writes:
> >I don't know if this has been mentioned here already. In 11/03's episole
> >David Lynch played as Agent Cooper's boss (Cole?). I didn't realize this
> >until I re-watched the tape the second time and noticed Lynch is in
> >the acting name list and I remembered a photo of Lynch in the set of
> >"Wild Orchard" a few months ago in a paper.

Nothing personal, Jinfu, but you could have checked.  In fact, it was
discussed quite a bit before and after the episode.


It's a good idea, when one has a brilliant insight that one wants to
post, to check and see if someone else has already posted it.  (This
doesn't make one's insight any less brilliant: one came up with it all
by oneself.)  This spares everyone else from having to read it
twenty five times.  This guideline is a part of net etiquette that
everyone should have read in news.announce.newusers, but it seems that
many users of this group are net neophytes who haven't seen or
understood it yet.  (I don't mean this as a value judgement, just an
observation.)  It also applies when one has a burning question that
one can't figure out on one's own: somebody might have answered it

Users of 'rn' and similar newsreaders can search for postings
containing specific strings of letters, by typing the string at the
article-selection prompt, enclosed in / / to search forward and ? ? to
search backwards.  Adding 'r' after the closing search delimiter will
search read articles, and 'a' will search the entire article, not just
the subject line.  For example, ?Gordon Cole?ra will search backwards
for read articles with the string 'Gordon Cole' anywhere in them.
Once you've found one, type / or ? again (depending on what you used
before) to look for the next instance.  This isn't infallible: if your
site only just started receiving this group, or if the article in
question is so old it's expired, this search won't find it;  but it's
better to try than not.

I realize I'm being a little anal about this, but I'm trying to be
helpful.  Sorry to get off the topic of Twin Peaks, but it seemed

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