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Subject: Re: TP: Clueless on clues
Date: 1990-11-06, 21:17

In article <>, (Robert
Steven Glickstein) says:
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> >Many of the significant clues that we've seen or heard on Twin Peaks
> >have been followed up on.  Here are some that haven't.  Any ideas,
> >anyone?
> >
> >1.  "Let's rock."  "That gum you like is going to come back in
> >    style."  Why does the Man From Another Place say these things?

Any why were those scenes vocals done that way (and why is the dwarf so
much better at speaking backwards than Laura :-). It is obvious that
they recorded the scenes backwards and reversed the film. Anybody got
access to a reversible VCR? (try it on a memo recorder -- its not that easy).
How about playing that whole scene backwards. What can you see in the

I presume this must be some sort of reference to the backward messages
that have been "found" on records -- again a link between the "real world"
and satanism/black magic.

I realised before I saw the Dream scene, that the weird sounds to the
Audrey music were coming from bits either being played backwards or
having their envelopes reversed. And the first time Audrey played the
music (1/1) at the Great Northern, with her weird dance it struck me as
being related to a drug.

And of course she said the music was "so dreamy".

What was the interaction between Laura and Audrey -- did they take
cocaine together or did they have a provider relationship?

Is this related to her helping Johnny?

It is also true that this gives the same weird character to the vocals
that the visuals have in that scene.

Does Copper look more aged in that scene? (Look at his neck?)

> >2.  The dark shadow moving across the red curtains.  An owl, or
> >    other bird?  Related to the dark shadow that Maddy saw on the living
> >    room carpet?

Somebody else claimed this was a boot. How does a boot relate to cocaine?
I miss this connection.

Has anybody any other ideas?

> >3.  Anything related to Teresa Banks.
> >
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Just at the begining of the Dream Sequence tjhere is a very rapid collection
of images -- could somebody with a stop-action VCR tell me what they are?

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