Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: TP: There, *now* are you convinced?
From: (Agent Cooper)
Date: 1990-11-06, 16:09

In article <> (Clay Luther) writes:
> > (Bernie Roehl) writes:
> >
>> >>Leland stole a bit of fur from the model bear in Ben's office at the Great
>> >>Northern.  Why?
> >
> >It was a stuffed snow fox, and he didn't have any place to through the fur
> >away in, so he stuffed it into his jacket pocket.
> >
I am now seated in a comfortable, yet apparantly ancient, swivel-
rocking chair at an equally ancient computer terminal in an old and
dirty, yet not without its own charm, basement room at the Great
Northern Hotel. I came across the room as I was scaling the cliff face
just underneath the Hotel as part of my daily yoga routine of which
I am growing increasingly fond each new day. I paused during my ascent
to brush away a pesky, yet determined owlet, obviously lost from its
mother, who would be worried at the least. So, in keeping with my duty
to protect this country (and, I believe everyone in it, includng owls)
and heeding the Giants message, I reached for the tiny fellow in order
to carry it to the cliff top and return it to its family myself.
   In doing so, I inadvertantly scared the fine feathered guy who
immediately flew off, throwing me off balance. In order to retain my
purchase on the rock a took hold of a promising-looking door handle
not previously detected. It then, led me to this place.
   Now, however to the point at hand. Obviously, from my obsevations
of the aforementioned scene, Leland was *very* taken by the white
tuft and kept it for a very specific reason, hopefully to be revealed

-S.A. Dale Cooper, FBI    "Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity"