Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: RE: What will keep Cooper sticking around
Date: 1990-11-06, 12:30

Why is it assumed that once we find out WKLP, that Cooper will automatically
pack up and leave as though he has so many other things to do?  Remember, 
we are supposedly just going to FIND OUT the killer. He may not be cuffed
and indicted and convicted and sentenced.....Cooper will probably know 
exactly who did it, and then spend the rest of the season(s) trying to 
apprehend him. Also remember he was on a big investigation involving the
other letter-under-fingernail murders, of which we know only two for 
certain. There may be more for him to investigate (not yet discovered) that
would keep him in TP. 

Other food for thought:

1. Why no further dealings with the creamed corn boy? (Played by Lynch's
   son) I realize he pointed Donna to H. Smith, but isn't that 'magic' he
   was doing worth a little further investigation? After all, the whole
   woods is full of magic/sorcery.
2. Did it strike anyone as odd, the ease and professionalism with which
   Truman disabled the guard at OEJ the night they went in to spring 
   Audrey? (Hope I didn't miss discussion of this and am now dredging up
   old news)