Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: TP map and more
From: (Niels Bauer)
Date: 1990-11-06, 13:31

I know Lucy's trip to Tacoma is a thing of the past, but with so much
static about 'going down to Tacoma', it seemed like a little geography
lesson was in order.  True, Tacoma is southwest of "Twin Peaks", but
to get there one would probably take I90 towards Seattle (west) then
I5 to Tacoma (south).  So really it's not all that unreasonable to say
'going down to Tocama'.  Also if you check your phone books you'll
notice that practically the entire western half of Washington falls under
the 206 area code.  The following is a map of the Seattle/TP area (no
it is not to scale, but I tried).

         | British Columbia, Canada
         |  E___                      Legend:
------   / /    \___I203                 OP = Olympic Penusila
     /  /  |        \                    Ps = Puget Sound
    /   |  |         F                   T  = Tocama
    |   |  Se______   \                  Se = Seattle
OP  |PS |  |   I90 \___S_                E  = Everitt
    |   |  |             \_N_            F  = Fall City
    |   |  |                 \___        S  = Snoqualmie
    \   /  | I5                          N  = North Bend
     ---  /           

Here are some distances as well:

   From:     To:            Miles:
   Seattle   Snoqualmie     28
   Seattle   Tocama         32
   Seattle   Spokane        280
   Seattle   Vancouver, BC  164

The tri-cities, I believe, refer to Fall City, Snoqualmie, and North Bend
(all of which are in King County).

Here is some more information I have not seen posted yet:
1) While most now know that the Great Northern is the Salish Lodge in real
   life, the indoor scenes of the Great Northerm are really shot at the
   Kiana Lodge on Bainbridge Island in Puget Sound.
2) The Kiana Lodge also provides settings for the Blue Lake Lodge, where
   Pete and Catherine Martell and Josie Packard live(d).
3) The Mar T Cafe in North Bend serves as the exterior for the RR Diner.
4) The Weyerhauser Administration building serves as the sheriff's dept.
5) The Colonial Inn in Fall City serves as the Road House.
6) These and other TP facts/trivia, plus a synopsis of last season, 
   description of major characters/actors, and more can be found in
   "Welcome to Twin Peaks:  A Complete Guide to Who's Who & What's What"
   by Scott Knickelbine published by Publications International.

1) Have only seen a few brief mentions of the soundtrack.  It's a must
   for Peaks Freaks.  From an audiophile's point of view it is somewhat
   flawed (noisy analog source, inconsistent mixing, sometimes poor
   recording/engineering, etc.), but even so it is a must for anyone's
   TP collection.

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