Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: BOB in pickle jar in GN basement
From: (Mike D Marchionna)
Date: 1990-11-07, 13:50

    All right, my guess as to who the killer is has been Johnny Horne since
the first season pilot.  Why you ask?  Because I had no evidence, and when in
doubt choose the most unlikely character.  I'm not saying I'm right, but I am
at least glad to know that my guess still has a slim chance of at least being
close.  I say this because it now seems likely that the killer either lives or
works in the Great Northern hotel.

Let's look at the newest evidence from the 11/3 episode.  MIKE pretty much
nails down BOB's base of operations as the Great Northern Hotel.  He also
states that BOB has resided there for nearly forty years.  You could interpret
this to mean two things:

   1) BOB's spirit resides in the Great Northern autonomously.  Say his essence
      is kept in an old moldy pickle jar in the basement of the Great Northern
      hotel.  BOB periodically leaves the pickle jar to inhabit a suitable
      host.  The pickle jar has been carelessly left in the basement behind
      some old boxes for nearly forty years.

   2) The permanent host to BOB has resided at the Great Northern for nearly
      forty years, and therefore, so has BOB.  BOB periodically takes over
      this vessel to do his nasty work.

If theory 1 is true then BOB can inhabit any susceptible human host he chooses.
This means that BOB would be free to torment anyone living or working in the
Great Northern.  What human host is most susceptible to a demonic possession?
It could very well be the simple minded and innocent Johnny Horne.  I know if
I were a demon spirit, choosing Johnny as my host makes a lot of sense.  He
would be easy to manipulate, and he would not be suspected.  However, if BOB
feeds off "fear" and "the pleasures" a question remains.  If BOB is parasitic
then one would think that BOB must be in the host that is being frightened or
pleasured in order to feed.  But, one could stretch the parasite scheme to say
that BOB uses his host to frighten and pleasure a victim, and feeds off the
victims responses.  BOB would have had to use Johnny to frighten and pleasure
his victim for my weak theory to be true.  I know it sucks, but you can't say
that its not a possible answer.  

If theory 2 is true then the permanent host must have resided in the Great
Northern for approximately forty years.  This implicates Ben, Jerry, Sylvia,
and Leland.  I have to discount Leland since MIKE gave the impression that
the Great Northern is where BOB resides.  This leaves Ben, Jerry, and Sylvia
since Johnny and Audrey are to young.  Sylvia is to minor a character to be
involved, so that leaves Ben and Jerry.   Of the two I would pick Jerry since
he is a more disposable character.  However, Ben makes the most logical choice
since he is so sleezy, and he was more closely involved with Laura.

My goofy Johnny did it theory still has three days of life left in it.  I am
hoping that the only thing revealed on 11/10 is that BOB is definately the
cause of LP's death.  This would still leave open the question of what
human host actually performed the murder.  Of course there is still many other
possible solutions.  Perhaps LP's killer was a regular human trying to destroy
BOB while he was inside Laura by killing Laura.  Perhaps the only way to
kill BOB is to kill the host he resides in before he can extricate himself
from the host's body.  80 hours till the next episode leaves me more confused.

  He is BOB
  Eager for fun
  He wears a smile
  Everybody run

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