Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: 11/3 episode misc.
From: hedlund@reed.UUCP (Marc Hedlund)
Date: 1990-11-07, 10:18
Newsgroups: (Ron Carter) writes:

=}Them BOOKHOUSE BOYS are a secretive bunch, what with their NEON sign atop
=}their "secret" headquarters... 

My understanding was that the Bookhouse is a coffeehouse in which the Book-
house Boys happen to meet.  I think there was some sort of "back room" in which
they were doing their dirty work, and this is where they took Audrey.  Another
poster has noted that a HOSPITAL would have been far more sensible.....if we
are going to debate Cooper's morality, this would seem a drastic point against
him, for the only reason to not bring her to a hopsital would be personal


Can anyone tell in what room the horse was standing when seen in the preview?
I assumed it was Laura's bedroom, but I think I jumped to that conclusion 
based on the position of the bed.  Any positive confirmations?

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