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Subject: Re: Great Northern or ... the Clinic!
From: whr@psuecl.bitnet
Date: 1990-11-07, 12:54

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In article <2093@maus.Morgan.COM>, maus@Morgan.COM (Malcolm Austin) writes:
> > In article <> (Juan F Lara) writes:
>> >>Say it just occured to me just now; MIKE's description could also fit
>> >>One-Eyed-Jack's:  It's a building made of wood with several rooms where
>> >>dozens of different souls go every night to pursue the pleasures that
>> >>BOB feeds off of.  How about some speculation?
>> >>
> >
> > MIKE also says the rooms are "all alike".  I would think a good brothel
> > would have, shall we say, more variety in its rooms than a hotel.  I'm also
> > not sure that OEJ's is close enough to Twin Peaks to qualify, but could be.
> > Also, I don't think many of its denizens are 40 years old, except Blackie.
> > (Gee, Jean Renault may have wrapped the whole thing up!)
> >
> > I don't think he could mean the jail because:
> > 1) It's only a small part of the sheriff's station, and only seemed to have
> > four cells.  That's hardly "several rooms, all alike".
> > 2) It isn't made of wood.  I think even the main part has stone exterior walls,
> > although I could be mistaken.
> >

or ....

It's the abortion clinic where Andy has gone to rescue Lucy!  It fits the
criteria, and besides, we all know deep in our hearts that Andy did it!