Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Look before you post
From: hedlund@reed.UUCP (Marc Hedlund)
Date: 1990-11-07, 10:41
Newsgroups: (Janet M. Swisher) writes:

> > Users of 'rn' and similar newsreaders can search for postings
> > containing specific strings of letters, by typing the string at the
> > article-selection prompt, enclosed in / / to search forward and ? ? to
> > search backwards.  Adding 'r' after the closing search delimiter will
> > search read articles, and 'a' will search the entire article, not just
> > the subject line.

I agree entirely with the purpose of this article, but there is one note I
would like to add.  'rn' and many other programs often have site-specific
commands, some entirely different than the ones Janet has outlined above.
Her point is still valid: there are ways to use 'rn' to sort through the heavy
traffic of this group for the topic with which you are concerned, without having
to read every post.  If you have tried the above commands without success,
PLEASE find someone at your site who can help you learn to use rn with more

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