Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Mexican Chihuahua
Date: 1990-11-07, 15:33

In article <>, (Dorothy Bowe) writes:
> > Was the reference to Cooper looking like a Mexican Chihuahua supposed to
> > mean anything?  Windham Earll maybe?  Cooper looked like he recognized
> > the reference, but I sure didn't.

Ithink Mexican Chihuahua is a reference to a well-known urban legend.
The story usually is that a married couple goes down to Mexico on vacation,
and they find what appears to be a small stray dog.  They decide to make this
dog their pet, so they take it back to their home in the US.  They take it to
a vet for shots, but they are informed that this "Chihuahua" is actually a
very large rat.

Paul Iverson