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Subject: Re: Random thoughts on the series (3 November)
From: (Cisco's Buddy)
Date: 1990-11-07, 22:29

In article <>, (Larry Gilbert) writes...

} Whether or not the mysterious Japanese gentleman is Catherine in disguise,
} can we not all agree in the very least that he is played by Piper Laurie?

No, we can't. For one, you can't divorce these two things -- there'd be no
reason for Piper Laurie to play the part if it wasn't intended that Mr. T
was Catherine in disguise. Secondly, I don't see why you (or anyone) believes
that it's her in the role.

} I have a sneaky suspicion that Mr. "Cole" *had* to appear, for one of two
} reasons (both theoretical!):

That fact is that Miguel has his own series on another network starting
at the end of this month. I wouldn't be surprised if he came back to TP
in the event that his new show flops.

} Will the series continue?  My personal opinion is "no."  Michael Ontkean,
} appearing on the Arsenio Hall show a month or two ago, said that all the
} episodes had been shot, and they had even been available on video in Europe
} for some time.

False. First, Paul Raveling has posted here that ABC originally committed
to thirteen episodes for the Second Season (and we've only seen six so far),
but a few weeks ago, they asked Lynch/Frost for more. Paul got his info
from Scott Frost, brother of Mark.

Secondly, the only TP available overseas on video is a slightly extended
version of the series pilot. The series is now running on BBC2 in the UK,
and they've so far only seen the pilot and the first two episodes.

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