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Subject: Re: Spirit Mike vs. Philip Michael Gerard
From: (Cisco's Buddy)
Date: 1990-11-07, 22:57

In article <>, (Kathleen Hunt) writes...

} Does anyone remember when exactly Bob entered the hospital?  When
} Cooper et al. first confronted PMG, PMG said Bob (Lydecker) was
} assaulted outside a bar, or something like that, "a few days ago"
} and has been in the hospital since. My question is, what day was
} "a few days ago"? Could it have been after Laura died? That is,
} could Bob Lydecker have been involved in Laura's death?

Actually, PMG the OAM says no such thing. Cooper asks Gerard why he's
been at the hospital "the past few days" (which would mean Sunday and
Monday). Gerard tells them it's because he's visiting Bob Lydecker.
*HARRY* then says, "There was a Lydecker assaulted three days ago
outside a bar in Lowtown," to which Gerard says, "That's Bob."

The interrogation at the motel was on a Tuesday, which means that the
assault (and thus hospitalization) must have been on Saturday (presumably
evening). The trouble with Gerard's answer is that he was first seen at
the hospital on *Friday* (he was in the elevator when Harry and Coop go
down to the morgue to see Laura's body -- in the pilot).

This *could* be just another example of Lynch and Frost "forgetting which
'day' they're on" or it could be significant.

By the by, "Lowtown" is just a section of Twin Peaks.

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