Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: theory
From: horny@ucscl.UCSC.EDU (Heather Vinopal)
Date: 1990-11-07, 17:59

In article <> (Robert Hall) writes:
> >In her diary, Laura mentions creating a fantasy to send to Fleshworld.
> >She says that Leo & Jacques promised to make the fantasy come true if
> >she does send it in.  My guess is that this is what happened the night
> >she was killed--and it drew BOB to her in some way.  (At the end of the
> >diary she says BOB is "getting closer.")  

I think Laura definately was acting out this fleshworld fantasy the night
she was murdered.  This fills in the Theresa Banks connection, sort of.
I posted something like this earlier, but what the heck.  No one
commented on it earlier, maybe this time it'll get some comments.
I can't figure out what to make of this stuff, help me out!

(from page 120 of the diary)

"When I opened [a gift from Jacques],  I realized that the wrapper was
a folded, torn-out page from Fleshworld, showing a guy built kind
of like Jacques, kneeling in front of a really pretty blond girl.  I think
she was the prettiest girl I'd ever seen in that magazine.  In the photo,
this girl was almost naked with a parrot on her shoulder, and the man was 
kissing her feet like he adored her.  At the bottom of the page, Jacques
had written, "Thinking of you, fantasy girl".

(paraphrased from page 116)
"... Leo and Jacques said that if I get my fantasy published, they will
create the printed fantasy just the way I write it.  Just the way I want it.
I think I will.  I like the idea of a special night, planned ahead of time,
all for Laura Palmer."

In the show they find a camera at the Cabin.  The picture taken resembles
the description given of the fleshworld fantasy picture, a blonde with a
bird on her shoulder.  It's a mynah instead of a parrot this time.

1) Wild guess: the torn out picture is of Theresa Banks.  I wonder
when the police will find Theresa's picture in Fleshworld?

2) Could the guy "built kind of like Jacques" in the fleshworld picture
actually be Jacques? 

3) I wonder if they'll find Laura's published fantasy in one of the 
Fleshworld issues.

I don't really know how to tie this in together into a coherant theory,
maybe someone else can.  I think Fleshworld and maybe Jacques are the
connection with Theresa Banks.  The killer too. :)

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