Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: TP Tidbits
From: (Michael Kaye)
Date: 1990-11-07, 15:23

In article <> (steven.r.marcovici) writes:
> >A few random items:
> >2) American Heritage Dictionary says:
> >	familiar -n. 2. An attendant spirit, often taking animal form.

I too think that is the intended meaning.

> >3) Recall that Lynch or Frost said that we have "seen" the killer in the first
> >    season. Unless they were lying (or meant BOB), then Harold can't be "it".

If BOB in Harold killed her, it would mean we had seen the "killer" in season 1,
but it sure would be annoying since Harold was introduced so late.

An even more annoying solution that I haven't seen mentioned would be
Jean Renault, he's introduced even later. Let's see if I can scare up a theory. 
These are just random things that imply Jacques may have some connection
to BOB or the crime scene.

1)  He's proven capable of murder; Emory, Blackie, and an attempt on Coop 
and Audrey.  He sure is racking them up.  Maybe he'll get Hank too.

2)  Likely drug connection with Leo and Jacques.  Family and OEJ connection
to Jacques.

3)  Closely associated with Blackie, who has a clear motive for Laura's murder. 
(the diary details a severe conflict between the two, and Laura might talk).
(by the way, Ben has an even stronger motive for murdering Laura).
Blackie has shown that she calls in Jacques to help her with her dirty work,
she might have called Jacques to get Laura too.

3)  He's at OEJ, which might fit the description Mike Gerard gives of where 
BOB is.  Also, Cooper stares at an owl right outside OEJ.

4)  One of the pages torn out, on page 177 is where Nancy is talking to her.
Nancy is the character closest to Jacques, the page may have dealt with him.
Whether it does or not, Jacques quite possibly had direct dealings with 
Laura at OEJ before she died.

5) Jacques says that Audrey is dreaming of fishes, dark lakebeds and tangled
weeds.  This sounds like something BOB or someone familiar with BOB would say.
Pearl Lakes are strongly connected with BOB somehow.  Probably means
nothing though.

Whether or not Jean killed Laura, some of these points make me think Jean 
could have had direct dealings with Laura.

I'd say Jean makes almost as good a suspect as Harold, both of whom
are much less likely than Ben and especially Leland.  At least
the latter two were seen in the first season.

Michael Kaye