Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: WKLP: Leland or Pete or ?
From: hjohar@rnd.GBA.NYU.EDU (Hardeep Johar)
Date: 1990-11-07, 09:09

Every good mystery story must obey two rules:
1. The killer must be introduced at an early stage. Introducing the killer at
a later stage is not cricket.
2. There should be enough clues in the early stages that point to the killer.
They may not make sense when shown, but when all is revealed, all the early
clues should make sense.

Since David Lynch has said that we have seen the killer in the first episode
I guess he's confirming to rule 1. If we assume that he will obey rule 2 then

1. Ben Horne cannot be the killer - no early evidence.
2. Pete may be the killer. Very little evidence, but he did find the body. 
Always an important clue in a mystery.
3. Leland is a strong possibility. As someone said, Sarah Palmer saw the vision
of BOB a few minutes after Leland walked up the stairs. That should be
indicative of something. The fact that he claims he saw BOB in a neigbouring
summer home is specially significant since he may not know that he is
possessed and could have seen BOB before the first time he was possessed. 
BOB could have come along with him to Twin Peaks.. His behavior at Laura's 
funeral indicates the possibility of a non-fatherly interest in his daughter. 
4. Harold Smith cannot be the killer. Introduced too late. Similarly the OAM,
the vet, the brothers renaud (whatever!), and sundry people introduced later.
5. Andy could be the killer. Remember, he was not at the sherrif's office when
the body was found, he is the weakest and ripest for possession since he knew
he was sterile (though this was revealed very late it may be significant).
6. Lots of evidence against Leo Johnson. Perhaps he can still rise again 
when possessed by BOB. Was that a flicker in his eye when Bobby and Shelley
were making out on the table?

Anyway, Pete and Leland are the most likely candidates. Leland perhaps too
likely, but I can't see any early evidence against Pete that would make 
a lot of sense.

My guess is that the answer is in the pilot + the first episode of the first
season. A review of these two (which I intend doing tonight), along with an
appraisal of the evidence presented in these two episodes in the light of
everything else that we know should clearly point to the killer.

Meanwhile, keep guessing. This is fun!

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