Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: BOB is watching
From: (I. Lee Hetherington)
Date: 1990-11-08, 09:33

In article <>, (Paul J Coates)
> > Watched the 11/3 episode of Twin Peaks on video delay (who stays in on a Saturday).
> >
> > During the opening credits as Truman carried Audrey to the bed, he is followed
> > into the room by Hawk, and Truman enters stage left.  Did anyone notice that
> > Truman was followed by a long grey haired individual?  This person moved to the
> > back of the scene and was visible a couple of times as Cooper tended Audrey.
> > Looked a lot like Bob to me.

After extensive review I'd have to say that I think it is BOB also!  However, I don't
think that Truman is in the scene.  He looks a bit like Truman but it seems clear that
it isn't Truman because in the following scene in Truman's office Truman is asking
Cooper how Audrey is (as if he weren't there).  By the way, did they take Audrey
into the Bookhouse.  There are a lot of motorcycles out front and some books so I
think that it is.

After the guy who looks like Truman (call him Joe for now) helps Cooper carry Audrey
to the bed drops back to where the guy who looks like BOB (call him Bob for now) is.
It appears that Joe is conversing with Bob.  This Bob character appears to be a
biker with leather jacket and all.  If Bob is BOB then why can Joe see and talk to
him.  Is he gifted or damned?  Why don't Cooper and Hawk seem to notice Bob?  Can they
even see him?

In a later scene when Cooper brings Benjamin Horne to see is daughter in the same
room Bob is in the background again!

Is this Bob = BOB?  He really does look like him!

Kind of sneaky for the TP people to slip the first scene of Bob strolling into the
background into the credits.  I can't believe I didn't notice the first time around.

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