Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: 11/3 Episode: Is Cooper Possessed?
From: dupree@hpclpa.HP.COM (Chuck Dupree)
Date: 1990-11-08, 15:04

 / (Pete Harlan) /  1:28 pm  Nov  5, 1990 /

>> >>It sounds to my ears that Cooper's voice, when he recites the line of
>> >>the poem during the interrogation of Mike via the OAM, has the "I am
>> >>possessed" effect applied to it.

>> >>Others have indicated they thought it was just the voice of Mike
>> >>chiming in at the same time as Coop's, but Mike's voice doesn't sound
>> >>at all like the added deepness of Cooper's, either before or after.
>> >>Perhaps Coop has an otherworld partner that will aid in the capture of
>> >>BOB?  Perhaps BOB is the spirit that inhabited Coop's insane partner?
>> >>P-K4: their game has begun?

I too heard some otherworldly effect on Cooper's voice when he chimed
in with Mike.  I was convinced that it was an addition to Cooper's 
voice, not an effect of the two voices together, but I can't prove
that assertion.

Is there anything in the chess move?  For instance, whoever made the
first move is playing the WHITE pieces, leaving Cooper to play the
BLACK ones...  And how will Cooper reply?  Double King Pawn?  Sicilian?
Caro-Kann?  ...

- ced