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Subject: Re: 11/3 Episode: Is Cooper Possessed?
From: horny@ucscl.UCSC.EDU (Heather Vinopal)
Date: 1990-11-08, 21:38

In article <19080018@hpclpa.HP.COM> dupree@hpclpa.HP.COM (Chuck Dupree) writes:
> >
> > / (Pete Harlan) /  1:28 pm  Nov  5, 1990 /
> >writes:
> >I too heard some otherworldly effect on Cooper's voice when he chimed
> >in with Mike.  I was convinced that it was an addition to Cooper's 
> >voice, not an effect of the two voices together, but I can't prove
> >that assertion.

There's no modification to Coop's voice, just Mike's.

Totally unrelated stuff follows.

I think the horse was at the Haywards or the Palmers, downstairs in
one of their living rooms.  I really don't know though.

That's Joey Paulson not BOB at the bookhouse w/audrey, can we add
this to the FAQ list?  This thread is driving me batty.

Could Leland have been around the police station when Mike Gerard said 
"I know you are near BOB"  or something like that?  I remember Leland
appeared at the police station before or after him during the same 
episode, I can't remember the specifics.  (this is the one where Mike
tries to shoot up with the funny blue stuff).  I know Leland was at the 
Great Northern when Mike suggested BOB was at a place that fit that description.

Early in the first season I remember when people were saying "yeah, right!"
when i suggested Leland did it.  After compiling a good list of evidence,
now they are saying it's too obvious for it to be him.  
I just can't win!  Grr. :)

I hope it doesn't turn out to be Harriet or Norma or something.
I'll be very surprised if it isn't Leland or Ben.  I hope they surprise
me in a way that doesn't make me groan in agony.

--Mike Kaye   "BOB needs a human hos...pitality girl"