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Subject: Re: a.t.t-p FAQL supplement
From: (Robert Steven Glickstein)
Date: 1990-11-08, 07:00

Excerpts from 7-Nov-90 Re: a.t.t-p FAQL
supplement Jym Dyer@remarque.berkel (560)

>> > > 9.  Why was Donna acting slutty for a few episodes?
> > .-.
> > |C|ouldn't we find a better word than "slutty" here?  It has such
> > `-' negative connotations, and as it is rarely used to describe
> >     the actions of men, it comes across as pretty sexist.  (Nobody
> >     has called Ben Horne a "slut.")


"Slut" does indeed have negative connotations (which I meant to use),
but I disagree with the claim that it is a sexist word.  "Sexism"
connotes the denigration of an entire gender, or of a person because of
their gender.  My use of "slutty" did neither.  Many words are
gender-specific, or at least oriented toward one gender or the other. 
"Slut" is one such word, oriented toward use regarding certain women. 
This is not to say that there aren't similar words that can be used to
describe similar men.

What I did NOT say:

    "Women are slutty."

    "Donna, being a woman, couldn't help being slutty."

    "Donna went through a period of typical female sluttiness."

    "While men are to be lauded for sexual promiscuity and leanings
    thereto, it is wholly inappropriate in women (specifically Donna)."

I sympathize with the causes of feminism, equality, and justice, but I
am irritated by knee-jerkers who, perhaps overly sensitive to these
issues, bristle at the innocent and *appropriate* use of a perfectly
good and descriptive word such as "slut."


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